Norfolk Day 11 … The Big Day

Mariëlle & Sylvan’s big day has come at last after much preparation and activity.

We’ve all pitched in with different alloted tasks including the decorating of the reception & wedding location, setting up the bar, cleaning & cooking.

My day started at 8am when I helped out with the washing and cleaning of the bridal “cars”.
No ordinary cars ….. but a WW II American jeep and a WW II RAAF personel carrier no less !
Both of these were  kept secret from Sylvan so the first time he’d see them was when his bride to be and her bridesmaids rocked up in some sexy ‘WWII hardware’. The vehicles were left in Norfolk Island by the Americans and RAAF after the island was used as a staging post for aircraft & supplies in the South Pacific war.

The day went beautifully. Marielle and Sylvan were married in a short service in a clearing on the cliffs on the Eastern side of the Island in a place called ‘Simon’s Water’.  Despite sounding like a label in a path lab, it is a beautiful place overlooking the crystal blue waters of the pacific and the lush green cliffs of Norfolk Island.

After the short service the bride & groom drove back, in the Jeep of course, to the reception which was in the grounds of our holiday home. The grounds had been tastefully decorated by Marielle & Sylvan’s friends & both families.

The previous two days we have had torrential non-stop tropical rain. It’s estimated that at least 20cm fell in those two days, but it all came good on the day and the sun shone & the weather was warm & balmy !

Simon’s Water - Clearing where service took place  Simon’s Water - Clearing where service took place  Simon’s Water - The View from the clearing  Annelies and Cassie (Sylvan’s Sister)  The Happy Couple  Marielle Sylvan and their Brothers and Sisters  Marielle and Sylvan’s transport  Bridesmaids Transport  Wedding Reception  Wedding Reception