Au Revoir Cambridge

Jun 02, 09

After a final frantic flurry of shopping its sadly time to bid au revoir to Cambridge. Annelies managed to buy 4 dresses a casual top and a skirt in the space of 4 hours ably abetted by Julie and my Mum. I managed a more modest shop in the local music store where I bought some new Jazz Improv tutors and a new Tenor sling. Cambridge...

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Botanical Odyssey

Jun 01, 09 Botanical Odyssey

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Today we visited the wonderfully tranquil Cambridge University Botanical Gardens. They were first opened in 1846 by John Henslow a teacher of Charles Darwin. They really are an oasis of beauty right in the heart of Cambridge. They also proved a useful source of inspiration for our new garden. The weather was superb, hot and...

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