TechEd Day 4 : Variety is the spice of life …

Today has been quite a mixture of sessions…

  • Using the Entity Framework in .NET4.0 and Visual Studio 2010
  • WCF: The Unified Services Programming Model for SOAP, REST, Data Communication
  • Windows Workflow Foundation Futures
  • Deep Dive into HTML5
  • Administering and Running Team Foundation Server 2010

Kieran, Jon and Tuck have also been mixing and matching sessions today covering all manner of things from VS.NET testing tools to SQL Server 2008 optimisation.

Reflecting on coming to an event like TechEd I can say that it does help to give one a sense of perspective on the breadth and depth of the various technologies and platforms that exist, not only in the Microsoft world but in the developer community as a whole.
We can sometimes feel isolated within our our own little development world with its own peculiarities, projects and problems to solve. So connecting with the wider developer community ( ie my fellow geeks :-D) is actually quite refreshing!