Tally-Ho !

Today we visited the nearby Duxford airbase. Now the site of the Imperial War Museum for aviation. Duxford has a long history of military aviation right from WWI through to the 1960s. Most famous of course for its “Big Wing” during the Battle of Britain. It’s from here that the famous Douglas Bader flew with his squadron during those long hot days in the Summer of 1940. Duxford now hosts a very impressive collection of aircraft right from WWI to the present day. The aircraft we’ve seen today are a veritable roll call of all the most exciting and iconic classics in aviation history : a WWI SE5, a Hurricane, a Spitfire, a Lancaster Bomber, a Vulcan bomber, Lysander, Anson, a Meteor, an ME109, a Harrier Jump Jet, a Sunderland Flying boat, a Mosquito, a massive B52 bomber (cf “Doctor Strangelove”), two flying fortresses, the first proto type Concorde, a Euro fighter … the list is almost endless. The sheer size and beauty of them all was breathtaking.

Also housed on the airfield is The Royal Anglian Regiment Museum. It contains a truely staggering array of mitary hardware. British, German, Italian and Russian. All arranged in tableaux depicting them in action … FANTASTIC! 😀

This evening we went out for a meal with Julie before going on to the Cinema where we treated outselves to an artery hardening and mouth watering mountain of ice-cream : I had a Ben and Jerrys Vanilla plus Cookie dough tub of ice-cream hollowed out to contain hot fudge all topped with thick cream and nuts – yum !