Cambridge Revisited

Well we’re back again in the outrageously cosy city of Cambridge, visiting Julie in her ‘new’ digs.

Cambridge is a lovely as ever and even the weather has perked up so that it’s hot and sunny.

After arriving today we visited Wood Wind and Reed where I deposited my beloved Tenor Sax for repair and service after carelessly dropping it whilst playing in the New Wine band a few weeks ago.

I also took the opportunity to spend some time trying out some new metal mouthpieces and ligatures … after years of searching and with the help of an extremely helpful and knowledgable assistant I’ve taken the plunge and bought a Metal Yanigasawa mouthpiece along with a new funky Francois Louis ligature … yeaaaaaaa! 😀

This evening we went to Jamie Olivers restaurant in the heart of Cambridge and were treated by Julie to a wonderful meal.