The Hurtigruten – Norway 2015

We’re fulfilling one of Annelies’ travel aspirations – visiting the North Cape in Norway.

We’re cruising up the west coast of Norway from Bergen up to Kirkeness on the “Midnatsol” (Midnight Sun) on what is knows as the “Hurtigruten” (“Express Route”). It’s actually a Norwegian cruise, ferry and cargo operator. It used to deliver all the mail to the many isolated communities on the Norwegian coast but now is just a people & cargo carrier.

Each Hurtigruten ship completes the round-trip (Bergen to Kirkeness and back again) in 11 days with stops in such places as Bergen, the Geiranger fjord, and the Lofoten Islands. We’re just doing the trip 1 way from Bergen to Kirkeness and then flying back down to Oslo and then back to Gatwick.

The scenery we’ve seen is absolutely stunning! There are no superlatives that can do justice to the breathtaking, towering grandeur that we’ve seen as we moved along the coast and in an out of some of the fjords.