2012’s Cider – “Lisia Melange”

I’ve finally racked off and bottled this years cider called “Lisia Melange” … in recognition that its a complete mixture all types of apples … any that I could get my hands on really … so a big thank-you to everyone who ‘donated’ them , they shall all be rewarded with a bottle or 2.

Having planted some specialised cider apples recently, hopefully I can experiment in the future by blending the 7 different varieties I will have at my disposal 😀

My Cider making apparatus including my new press

The new apparatus ready to go

Pulping the apples ready for pressing

Pulped and ready for pressing

The New Press

The New Press

The New Press In Action

Juicy Appley Goodness

Filtering the freshly pressed juice

More filtering .. you can’t do it to much

In the Demi-John ready for the brewing to start

Brewing has finished and it’s been left to settle for a week or two

Finally in November – Ready to Bottle

Racking off the Cider into the bottles

Bottling, capping and labelling the bottles

The finished product