Feeding the fishes …

“Feeding the fishes” … No we’ve not tangled with the Cambridge Mafia … but the girls have been to an ‘alternative’ beauty therapy where you immerse your feet into a tank of water for 15 minutes and let Garra rufa fish nibble away all the hard skin. I’m sure Annelies is now a centimeter shorter !

We’re back in the English idyl of Cambridge again to see Julie’s End of Year Exhibition. Yes, it’s the end of her 3 year degree course when the students display their projects for the public and wider Graphic Design industry to view. In a couple of days time shell know her final result! 😀

I can’t believe that its been 3 years now since Julie left Guernsey to start her degree course. I have to say I’m very proud of my little sister. She’s worked very hard and produced some fantastic work ( have a look here and you’ll see what I mean … jooles.co.uk). She’s also settled in and made a great circle of friends. Friendships for life.

Tomorrow we’re off to see the exhibition but today we’ve spent ‘feeding the fishes’ and picnicking in the rather spendid National Trust Anglesey Abbey.

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