Provence en Grande Vitesse

Another first for us … travelling on the French TGV (Train de Grande Vitesse)

The experience was a delight. In just 2.75 hours we traversed practically the whole length of the country in smooth and elegant comfort. We travelled at speeds of up to 320km (200 miles) per hour through grand vistas of French bucolic tranquillity. Merveilleux !

France is a beautiful and vast country and during our trip we hardly saw any conurbations of size at all. Viewing the large green patchwork of fields, gentle rolling hills and somnambulant villages that flashed past our window was superb, especially for a lad from a small island in the English Channel ;-D

The TGV itself was clean, smooth, quiet and comfortable. I’d heard about the famed speed and comfort of the TGV before and I have to say it is all they have said it was.

TGV at Le Gare de Lyon in ParisTGV at Le Gare de Lyon in ParisEn RouteOur hire car