Dutch Culture in all its’ varied forms

Jan 13, 14 Dutch Culture in all its’ varied forms

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I love Holland and the Dutch culture …. where else in the world would theme parks and national art museums be so chicly done: The Efteling : Inspired by the artist Anton Pieck The New Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam (10 years in the...

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More Antiqua Roma

Sep 11, 13 More Antiqua Roma

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We’ve packed in another full day of Ancient Roman sites. It makes up for the rather disappointing day we had yesterday when I was robbed on the Metro. I had my pocket picked and lost my iPhone {deep sob}. Spending a couple of hours in an Italian police station was ‘interesting’. It was like something out of the 1930s … weird.

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Dagtocht naar Amsterdam

Nov 01, 12 Dagtocht naar Amsterdam

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Dagtocht naar Amsterdam – “Day trip to Amsterdam” Yesterday we had a fantastic day trip to Amsterdam which took in a canal tour, a visit to the Rijksmuseum ending up with meal in Dam square.… lekker...

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Shakespeare at the Castle

Aug 10, 12 Shakespeare at the Castle

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We’ve had a great evening of Shakespeare at Vale Castle, a medieval fortification perched above the little Russel overlooking Herm and Jethou. The play was “Julius Caesar”, officially a tragedy, but as it was the “Oddsocks” company performing it they managed to convert it into a hilarious romp through,...

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Colonial Echos

We rather smugly thought we’d beaten the jet lag and had gotten our bodies into its new routine smoothly. However 4:00am in the morning found us both wide awake so we resigned ourselves to a few more wakeful hours until we would get up for breakfast … 8 hours later though we woke up decidedly confused at 12:30 in the...

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La Bonne Vie

May 06, 11 La Bonne Vie

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Our hotel room, although the size of a large closet, even has a very small balcony which we can sit on overlooking some typically Parisienne street life, cafes and terraces (tres chic :- D) We’ve thrown ourselves into Paris with abandon combining some regular touristy stuff with some “haute culture”. Over our 3...

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