Nederlands Spoorwegmuseum

Jan 17, 14 Nederlands Spoorwegmuseum

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Nederlands Spoorwegmuseum (Dutch Railway museum) a must for all little boys who like trains ! 😀 We all had a great day at this wonderful museum… and of course we went by train which was even more enjoyable as the boys haven’t really been on a train before … een leuke dag!...

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Dutch Culture in all its’ varied forms

Jan 13, 14 Dutch Culture in all its’ varied forms

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I love Holland and the Dutch culture …. where else in the world would theme parks and national art museums be so chicly done: The Efteling : Inspired by the artist Anton Pieck The New Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam (10 years in the...

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Story time with Annelies

Jan 12, 14 Story time with Annelies

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Story time with the boys is always a lot of fun...

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Nederlandse Artilleriemuseum

Jan 08, 14 Nederlandse Artilleriemuseum

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Back in Holland again and meeting up with Oma, Opa, Marielle, Sylvan and the boys … yay !!! River, Lukas and Seth are so cute and Uncle Rob is having a great time with them : Nerf Gun fights; Go-karting and a trip to the Dutch Artillery museum (so far) … made all the more interesting as Opa (Grandpa) served on the same...

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